Parent of child RL

I initially contacted Neera due to my son’s stammering issues as well as behavioural difficulties. She spoke to me at length over the phone, discussing R so that she could get an idea of his background. She then did an assessment and wrote a report for him after observing him both at home and in his school environment. Her report was excellent as it exactly reflected R and made a link between his need for emotional regulation and his speech difficulties. Up till now no other SLT thad treated the two things together nor suggested that they  were connected. Every child is different and they do not follow textbooks rules. Neera really understands this. I felt that she truly appreciated R’s individual personality traits and in doing so was able to address his specific needs. Her weekly therapy sessions were brilliant,  involving a good balance of speaking, listening, and games so that R was focused throughout.  R really looked forward to them! Neera not only works with children but with parents too. She helped me take on board the strategies she used with R from her sessions and implement them with him during day to day life. Neera would give me weekly reminders to do so over email -very helpful as being a busy parent it is easy to forget to do the smallest things! My husband and I were over the moon when R got admission to the same private school as his older sister and is due to start this year. I have no doubt that Neera’s help contributed significantly to this fantastic result. We can’t thank you enough Neera for everything that you have done for R.