Parent of child AA

“I searched high and low as I wanted someone who would understand the needs of my child but with an open mind as I still thought the diagnosis was incorrect. Whilst searching several website even sites that the Autism society recommended I came across Neera on Netmums so I sent her an email and she called back within 24 hours .She initially discussed my son with me and what I was looking for and told me of the training and work she had done with Autistic and Speech Impaired children. We arranged an initial assessment and it has now been nearly a year and half that Neera has assisted us with my Ahmed’s development.

She has been amazing in every aspect of this journey from designing the techniques that would help Ahmed develop his motor and communication skills and his social interaction skills. She always has a fun and new way of engaging him without having to force him to sit down which is what I had to do when I visited other speech therapists. However, with Neera Ahmed is always happy and eager to start his session which is a very pleasant and also less stressful as a parent to go through.

It has been nearly a year and half since Neera started her Speech Therapy sessions with Ahmed and in this time I have seen him develop leap and bounds in his Speech and his Play and his Social Interaction skills. Her techniques have helped me tremendously by always providing you with the material and methods that can be used in daily life so that it is not something you can only do in a set environment but you can practice it anywhere at any time.

I cannot thank Neera enough with growth in my son’s development without her support and guidance I do not think he would have been able to accomplish all that he has and I would always be grateful to Neera as this has allowed him to help support with his Learning difficulties.”