Fidget Spinners: A toy or a tool?

The new craze at the moment are fidget spinners. They are small, they are fun and they keep kids entertained for long periods of time. The question is, what were they initially designed for?

Fidget spinners were to help children with additional needs focus, sustain attention for long periods of time and listen. However, recently they have been seen to be misused as lots of children are using them because they are popular and the trend!

One saying I heard was: if the focus is on the fidget spinner then it is a toy but if the fidget spinner helps a child focus on a task then it is being used for its purpose of a tool! So remember ensure that it is being used as a tool!

Fidgets have been used by a range of children with special needs for years from a young age to adulthood. Please encourage your child to use it for the right reason and do not let it become a distraction to them so it gets banned, as the children that really need them will be at loss!

So please remember to use the fidget spinners as a tool and not a toy!

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