Quick Tips To Support Attention

Parents are often asking for tips to keep their child’s focus. Remember attention is the key to the development of communication so it is very important! Here are some top tips to help develop your child’s attention.

  • Say the child’s name before giving instructions
  • Use the appropriate language level your child is at i.e. if they are saying one word, use 1-2 words when talking to them.
  • Minimise distractions around you
    Turn the tv off! Switch the radio off! 
  • Set short activities to help sustain the child’s attention for the duration of the activity.
  • Allow the child to have movement breaks during set tasks. This will allow them to refocus for the next task.
  • Vary activity types to help maintain interest i.e. listening tasks vs. doing tasks.
  • Provide positive specific praise to help encourage your child to participate on activities for longer.

Most importantly, make activities FUN, INTERESTING AND MOTIVATING! 

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