We are going on holiday, what can we do to continue supporting our child’s language?

This is a question I get asked a lot by my clients. They are always asking me to provide them resources when they go away so that they can ensure their child does not forget the skills they have acquired during the sessions.

There are so many other ways that language can be developed when you are on holiday without set resources. Living in London, children miss out on acquiring knowledge about other type of places, whether it is a city break, a beach trip or a trip to the countryside.

Here are my top suggestions:

  1. Label the surroundings to your child. If your child sees the real deal they are likely to remember the name for it.
  2. Label your actions as parents (use the correct word level for your child) i.e. “Mummy is putting sand in the bucket.” “Daddy is cooking food on the barbeque.”
  3. Use further language to describe the attributes of the object i.e. “crumbly sand” “big boat.”
  4. During your time at the place, play games such as “I spy,” this is great for ensuring the child is aware of the labels of objects around them. Then after visiting an area, play games such as “What did we see on the ……..? “ Take turns to think on an object that you all saw in the area you were in. This will not only work on the child’s vocabulary but also their auditory memory.
  1. Make it exciting, fun and motivating for your child so they are tuned in to what you are saying!
  2. Remember to use what is around you as it is more functional this way!


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