It only takes 5 minutes

5 minutes out of 1440 minutes a day is all it takes to help boost your child’s language skills. So give it a go!

  • Spend time with your child
    Make them feel important!
  • Switch off any distractions around you. Yes, that includes the TV!
    If we can’t concentrate with too much noise around us, neither can your child.
  • Allow your child to choose the toy they want to play with
    We all pay more attention when we are doing something we are interested in, this is no different for children.
  • Follow your child’s lead and comment on their play
    Expose them to language in a fun way.
  • Use simple language during your Special Time i.e. focus on the keywords and skip the little words!
    Imagine you are learning a new language; we need to be taught one word at a time.
  • Extend the length of your child’s sentences by 1-2 words. If they say “ball” repeat and add a word e.g. “blue ball.”
    Once we know a word in a new language we can start building up our sentences.
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat words
    The more a child hears a word the more likely they are to remember it, understand it and then use it.
  • Avoid asking questions.
    Remember no one likes it when someone asks us question after question and if children  don’t have the vocabulary to answer it they will lose interest and walk away!
  • Remember to thank your child for allowing you to play with them.
    Everyone likes to be thanked!


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