Supporting Children with Communication Aids

What are communication aids?

Communication aids are a range of devices that help support people to communicate with others. They range in forms of letter boards, picture boards and even electronic devices.

Use of communication aids?

A range of people use communication aids from children to adulthood. Children who have difficulty communicating verbally will benefit from using communication aids. Some children with autism who are non- verbal benefit from the use of communication books, communication boards or electronic speech generated devices.

Other forms of communication aids include letter boards. Children with more profound complex needs and/or physical needs may rely on eye gaze to communicate by using letter boards or electronic devices.

Common communication aids:

Communication aids are highly used with the non- verbal autism population. Some common communication aids that are highly used are the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Clicker Communicator, Proloquo2go and Dynavox.

How can Harrow Speech and Language Therapy Services help?

We can help support children to communicate via communication aids. We can help develop a therapy approach to support your child communicate from words to sentences.

Give us a call or email us to find out more about communication aids or to book an appointment.






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